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Peeling Applications

These applications, performed with fruit acids (Glycolic acid) or TCA (Trichloroacetic acid), are used to reduce the thickness and fine wrinkles of the upper layer of skin, to fix sun damage, and to increase the elasticity of the middle layer by thickening it (by increasing the collagen). It is helpful in the treatments of acne scars.

In glycolic acid peeling treatments, a slight redness occurs on the skin and completely recovers within 1-2 hours. Immediately after the application, the skin gains a shiny appearance. It can be administered at 3-week intervals or can be combined with other treatment regimens. It can be used in every region, especially in the face, neck, and décolleté regions.

TCA peeling applications are deeper applications, especially used to treat fine wrinkles around the lips, to fix the appearance of the loose skin under the eye, to treat acne scars on the face, and to remove deeply located pigmented spots. If necessary, it can be repeated 6 months or 1 year later.