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Breast Reconstruction

Before breast reconstruction is commonly adopted, women who were treated for breast cancer were often getting rid of the disease, but were staying alone with both physical and emotional problems. The absence of a breast was constantly reminding these women of the distress they experienced, and was influencing their clothing styles, physical activities, and sexual and romantic relationships. These difficulties led to the acceptance of breast reconstruction as an integral part of breast cancer treatment. The options available for breast reconstruction may seem overwhelming.

The aim of breast reconstruction is to restore the body image and to allow you to wear all the clothes without limitation. Most women are able to wear décolleté clothes confidently after breast reconstruction. It is impossible to recognize which side has been reconstructed while their clothes are on them. The use of an external prosthesis, which may look bad and sometimes be embarrassing, has been ruled out by permanent breast reconstruction.

No breast reconstruction method can do the same of the normal breast. For example, it is impossible to restore the normal sensation. Some techniques are inadequate to create a soft breast or to provide the natural sagging of the mature breast. It is not entirely possible to remove the scar caused by mastectomy, however it can still be made less notable by including it in the reconstruction area. Despite these negative aspects, the majority of women are very satisfied with the results obtained with breast reconstruction.