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Genital Aesthetics

The most commonly performed genital surgeries in women are labia minor reduction (reduction of the small vaginal lips), labia major reduction (reduction of the large vaginal lips), fat injection into the labia and pubic areas. In particular, the large and sagging labia minor are a very disturbing condition for young and middle-aged women. This condition can make patient unhappy and cause pain while doing sports or walking, especially when trousers are worn, from time to time, it may lead to odorous infections since it causes that area to be constantly moisturized. It is also a condition negatively affecting the sexual life of individuals which is the primary reason of women to consult us. The pleasure taken from sex increases with the narrowed vaginal entry as a result of reducing the labia minor, as well as injecting fat into the labia major.

The surgery is performed under sedation along with local anaesthesia. The sutures dissolve and disappear on their own. It is recommended to avoid sexual intercourse for 1-1.5 months.