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Fat Injection

Fat Injection

From the age of 25, the facial bones and soft tissues begin to dissolve. The oval facial curve begins to become angular. The lips lose volume, wrinkles form around them. Grooves, called tear-trough, occur under the eyes, the nasolabial lines, extending from the nose edges to the lip corners, deepen. The marionette line, extending from the lip corners to the maxillary edge, deepens. Due to impaired collagen structure in the skin, these changes become increasingly dramatic.

When these changes begin, my recommendation is to contour the face with fat tissue or tissue cocktail. This gives volume to the lips, cheekbones, and areas considered to need. Moreover, a visible rejuvenation occurs in the skin due to the stem cells in the fat tissue. 40-60% of the injected tissues remain completely undissolved. This is some kind of a vaccination. The fat tissue taken from the abdomen, waist or thigh with fine tubes is purified and mixed with the growth factor prepared from patient’s own blood and injected into the face with fine needles. Some of the tissue taken is stored by freezing using a special technique, and is given under local anaesthesia when the patient needs it.

Fat Injection Process

This technique can be considered as the preventive medicine of aesthetic surgery. It is one of the most popular techniques of recent times. If carried out properly, patient satisfaction is extremely high.