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Face and Neck Lift

With the influence of years, sagging and loosening may occur in the face and neck region. If it is thought that it will not respond to the non-surgical tightening and suspension methods, so one of the facelift procedures is preferred. These procedures can be classified as total face lift, mid-face lift and neck lift.

In mid-face lift, an incision, beginning from the temporal side in front of the ear towards the back of the ear, is made. The skin is dissected and the underlying muscles and loose tissues are tightened and the excess skin is removed.

In total face lift, there are incisions extending to the temporal side over the ear and at the back of the ear extend towards the scalp and end.

Since the incisions are hidden within the fold, they are hardly notable, if there is no problem with wound healing. After the surgery, some swelling and bruise may form on the face.

These swellings rapidly reduce from the first week. The numbness in the face considerably reduces in the third week. The sutures are removed within 1 week-10 days. The dressing is opened on the next day after the surgery. The hair can be washed on the 3rd day. It is recommended to use cervical collar for 3-4 weeks.