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Ear Aesthetics

The most common problem encountered in the ear is prominent ear. It is caused due to the fact that the angle of the ear lobe (auricle) with the skull is excessive. The age of 6 years is the ideal time for operation as the ears complete 90% of their development. At the same time, the problem is solved before child begins school, and no stress is experienced by being exposed to the mockery of her/his friends at school. Since the ear cartilage is more flexible at this age, it is much easier to shape the cartilage in the surgery than the cartilage of adults.

Prominent ear surgery is performed under general anaesthesia in children and under regional anaesthesia in adults. The operation is carried out through an incision made from the back of the ear. In 3rd-5th day after the surgery, the dressing is opened. The sutures are removed within a week-10 days. Patient is then asked to use a tennis head band continuously for 3 weeks, and then for 1 month at nights. Infection, blood accumulation, asymmetry are undesired results which are very rare.