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Conditions Requiring Radiotherapy

Recently, the indications for postoperative radiotherapy have been extended and more and more women have been started to be treated by this way.

Radiotherapy has significant effects on the tissues, the most important of which is fibrosis (scar formation) on the skin. Scar formation due to radiotherapy may prevent adequate expansion and may increase the incidence of capsular contraction (scar formation around the prosthesis).

Radiotherapy received to your own tissues (such as TRAM flaps or gluteal flaps) may also cause the shape of the reconstructed breast to deteriorate and reduce, but this is less than that of tissue expanders and prostheses. Therefore, if you are going to receive radiotherapy after the surgery, you should carefully consider the decision of breast reconstruction to be performed immediately, and it should be kept in mind that this will adversely affect the cosmetic result.