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Breast Lift

The breasts may sag due to causes such as frequent weight gain and loss, weight loss, gravity, delivery and breastfeeding. Usually the volume of the breast is sufficient, but the skin has lost its elasticity. In such a case, breast lift surgery is carried out. The nipple is brought to its normal level. The breast tissue is shaped by removing the excess skin. Drains (thin silicon tubes) are placed in each of the breasts to prevent the blood from accumulating inside. A bandage is applied. When the drainage is reduced during the postoperative follow-ups, the drains are pulled out. Patient uses a special bra for 4-6 weeks. Only a scar forms around the nipple (circumareolar), or in addition to that, a scar extending vertically from the nipple to the lower part of the breast forms.

After the examination of patient, the technique to be used is decided. After the surgery, it is possible to eminently reduce the visibility of the scars with the use of various pharmaceutical creams and laser technologies.